HOMENEWSWhat are OEM Canvas Low Top Sneaker?

What are OEM Canvas Low Top Sneaker?


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Canvas Low Top Sneakers are shoes that are manufactured by a company and then labeled and sold under another brand name. They are typically made of canvas material and have a low-top design, which means that they don't cover the ankle.

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OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which refers to a company that produces parts or products that are used in another company's final product. In the context of sneakers, OEM Canvas Low Top Sneakers are canvas sneakers that are manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer for a specific brand or retailer.


These sneakers are typically made with a canvas upper, which is a durable and breathable material. They feature a low-top design, meaning the collar of the shoe sits below the ankle. Canvas low top sneakers are popular for their casual and versatile style, making them suitable for various occasions.


As OEM products, these sneakers are often produced to meet the specifications and quality standards of the brand or retailer they are intended for. They may be sold under the brand's name or as a generic version of the shoe. The specific design, branding, and features of OEM Canvas Low Top Sneakers can vary depending on the brand or retailer that commissions their production.

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